Pets – our four legged family members

louuem hansen
Louie is owned by Tom Hansen – and loves dog parks.
Mia jestmore
Mia who is owned by Cherri Jestmore, is a 3-year-old, 15-pound chihuahua who was rescued. She loves belly rubs, snuggles and cold weather.
elllie olson
Ellie, who is owned by Erik & Kim Olson, is a Mini Golden Doodle and loves playing fetch!
tracie 1

Gracie, a 13-year-old tortoise-shell cat, is owned by Ros and Jim Thorpe. She rules the Thorpe roost, and loves tuna, which she gets every afternoon. And if we forget, she’s sure to remind us!
Belle belonged to Collyn and Phyllis Peterson, and passed this year after 13 years, She was a sweet dog.
Happy, who belongs to Curtis and Cherry Klaassen is a Samoyed.
Sunny bleck
Sunny, who belongs to Lynn Bleck, is very energetic and keeps me hopping. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t make me smile.

mickey scaled e1611088720544
Mickey, 11 1/2, is a mini-Aussie rescue dog; Chipper is a three-year-old Maltese. They are special friends of Fred and Janet Meier
oliver and owen
Oliver, on the left, is a 7-month-old Golden Retriever and was our COVID project. He smiles all day (literally) and loves being outdoors. Owen, age 9, also a Golden, loves to snuggle, counter surf and play tug of war with Oliver. They have our hearts! Nikki & Chris Esser are the owners.
Barkley MacNider
Owners are Kristi & Mark MacNider. This is our little buddy Barkley. He is a Morkie (Yorkie and Maltese mix). He has brought so much love into our home!
Piper e1612803942263
Piper is her name and the owners are Jason & Maddie Chase

Gizmo This is Gizmo – owner is Eric our Youth Director

bill merchantThis is Willie a rescue cat that belongs to Bill.

grace carna curryGrace is the 16 year old companion of Carna who wants to be by her and no one else.

aby carnaa curryAby is a Cocker/spaniel mix who shares her sweet and loving spirit with her owner Carna

shadow carna curry 1 Shadow was a German Shepard /Chow mix which was a sweet and loving companion named because she never let me out of her sight – Carna.