atonement transition team strategies update – may 2020

Purpose Statement: Guided by God’s Living Word and grace, our purpose is to encounter Christ and to be inspired to follow Christ through vital worship, education, fellowship, and service so that we may continue to Grow Deep and Reach Wide.

Goal#1 – Communication: Improving our communication (internal and external) and social media presence to reach across all generations. (Kelly Wiens)

  • COVID team was developed to collaborate on efforts to engage the congregation. Team continues to work together on worship streaming, social media engagements, outreach opportunities and how to communicate in an unprecedented time.
  • Developing a “communication matrix“ with details on each of the current communications including channel, frequency, audience, platform, etc.
  • Drafting measurable goals that can help guide the work, decisions and be a basis to assess progress against the overall goal.
  • Updated brand guide book in progress. YouTube is an example of a branded template.
  • Ongoing progress to Atonement’s website brand theme and data reporting.
  • Facebook channels merged and weekly posting schedule created. CSL group page under main channel.
  • YouTube channel promotion and engagement on Facebook.
  • YouTube channel brand, worship streaming and Atonement’s channel presence increased significantly.
  • KPIs on Atonement website, Facebook, YouTube and are in discussion on the results and next steps.

Goal #2 – Missional/Outreach: Evaluate, expand and encourage additional mission opportunities, focusing on community and global needs. (Stephanie Bartels-Christensen)

  • Team is working with the existing missional life team to accomplish the strategies.
  • Response to the COVID need in the community has been embraced through food packing, collections and serving at MLM.

Goal #3 – Finance and Facilities: Responsibly manage our financial resources and facilities to sustain and grow our ministries. (Dave Lind)

A team has been formed and will try to get together at the soonest possible time.

Goal #4 – Worship: Embracing our worship and exploring its renewal (Pat Bjuland and David North)

  • The strategies have been presented to the worship life team and they are reviewing the strategies for implementation when in-person worship is resumed. 
  • The prayers of the people have been revised to  make the language more modern and introduce a musical response. 
  • Returning to worship will be a slow transition. At that time we will work toward any strategies once we are able.

Goal #5 – Spiritual Formation: To provide faith development opportunities that will increase confidence in sharing God’s word and living out his will. (Kathy Vannoy)

  • Created a process to start new groups and for people to join a group.
  • Created an online directory of Atonement groups accessible through the website.
  • Working on resources to support groups (Facebook, etc).
  • Developing a plan for inviting people to start or join a group.
  • Developing a training program for Group Counselors.
  • Testing the group startup and joining process.
  • Working to communicate the group process to the staff and congregation.

Please contact Jim Peine or Stephen Aspleaf for details about the transition team’s progress. Please contact any of the noted leaders of the provided goals to help the team’s efforts.