Central states synod assembly 2021 report

Many thanks to Morgan Vannoy, one of our Assembly voting delegates, for providing the following synopsis of our Synod Assembly which took place in early June:

At the beginning of this month, I had the privilege to attend the Central States Synod Assembly as a voting member. I joined over 300 others from churches across Kansas and Missouri for two days on the first-ever Zoom assembly. We spent time worshiping, praising and thanking the Lord for all the many and unexpected blessings that had occurred in the past year. We also mourned several different kinds of losses and especially dove into the hard work of racial reconciliation.

The theme for the assembly was “United in One Baptism.” It is about God’s action that claims us during baptism and makes us all one in the body of Christ, grounded and centered in God’s grace. The keynote speaker for the assembly was Ms. Judith Roberts, Senior Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, from Churchwide. She fostered conversation within what she likes to call a “Sacred Circle” – a community oasis promoting healing, creativity, and racial unity. It was a great time to reflect on the past and how we can move forward stronger together. The next day, we were able to work together to pass a new resolution for the Central States Synod titled “Racial Justice.” It was encouraging to see so many dedicated to the work of reconciliation and inclusion. 

Lastly, I want to share the new mission and vision of the Central States Synod that Bishop Susan Candea shared with us:

Mission: “Traveling the way of Jesus. Joining God’s reign of justice and radical love in the world” 


“Witnesses to the centrality of faith as individuals and communities embrace and actively live the way of Jesus

Empowers ministries and congregations to participate in God’s reign of justice, loving neighbor through acts of charity and the work of advocacy

Nurtures engagement in spiritual practices that deepen faith and courageous acts of love for the neighbor” 

Invites others into this transforming way of Jesus.”

Thank you, Atonement Lutheran, for entrusting me to go on your behalf and be a voice for the congregation. It really was an honor. – Morgan

And our thanks to the additional voting delegates who attended the Assembly: Pastor Zac, Deacon Cherri Jestmore, Brad Anderson, Stephanie Bartels-Christensen, and Curtis Klaassen; and to Pat Bjuland who attended as chair of the Nominations Committee and as a Parish Ministry Associate (PMA).

For more information about the business covered, reports presented, and resolution language, you can click HERE.