Where does my offering go

Atonement Lutheran Church

Our monetary offerings support Atonement’s life and ministry, including education classes for children, youth, and adults . . . copyright permissions for our worship music . . . ministries in the community, serving our neighbors . . . keeping the lights on and all the other maintenance costs . . . salaries for our staff . . . and so much more. And through our gifts of time and talent, we participate in bringing in God’s kingdom here on earth!

Central States Synod

Just as there are three expressions of God in the trinity, there are also three expressions of God’s people in community: local, synodical, church-wide. Our mission is one of sharing Jesus’ message of love around the world. Our support makes it possible. When we support the mission of the ELCA through the Central States Synod, 50% of our gift is designated for use in Kansas and Missouri; 50% is forwarded on to our church-wide ministries around the world. This is how we are making known the marvelous news that God is among us locally, regionally, and internationally. It’s the work of God by God’s people.

And so we pray . . .

God of abundance, you have given us everything we have, ourselves, our time, and our possessions. As we care for all that you have given us, help us understand our offering is not about money, but is an expression of our thanks in giving you praise. Give us generous hearts, so we may know the joy that comes from helping others with
boldness and faith in your provision. Give us generous hearts, so that that we may show the world another way of living with outstretched hands. Give us generous hearts so we may be a blessing to others as we continue to thank and serve you with the generosity first given to us. AMEN.

Churchwide ELCA

This helpful graphic illustrates the many ways that our offerings across the ELCA support the many ministries that our church is involved with.