LifeLines Weekly Devotion

October 10, 2021

Matthew 4:19-20 Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” They immediately left their nets and followed Him.

I read a devotional written by Dr. Charles Stanley on Peter.  You know Peter.  He was the one who had disagreed with Jesus, denied knowing Him – yet in spite of his weakness and flaws developed into a man whose “impact for the kingdom surpassed his impulsiveness.”

Stanley said, “… Peter is also an example of triumphant living.  An uneducated fisherman who likely had few other skills, Peter put down his nets and followed Jesus the instant he was asked.  He was the first to acknowledge Christ as the Son of God.  And after the Lord’s resurrection, Peter’s spontaneous nature led him to leap into the water and swim for shore when he noticed his Savior waiting there.”

“Peter is an inspiration for us today.  God does not choose servants who are solid rocks with no cracks or crevices.  Instead He selects people who have weaknesses, failures, and a need to be forgiven repeatedly.  The Lord looks for believers who are teachable, willing to repent, and prepared to surrender to God’s greater will—folks who are a lot like Peter.”

Father – that’s me.  Weak, failing and constantly in need of forgiveness.  I have a lot of cracks in me, places that have had to be repaired—yet you’ve asked me to trust you; that you can use me flaws and all.  Help me to leave my “fishing boats” and follow you with complete surrender with a Peter-like joy and spontaneity!

I love you, Kathy

October 10, 2021

Those who control their life will have a good life-opening your mouth can ruin everything.  Proverbs 13:3

At times my mouth seems to get me into trouble. Does yours? It has been pointed out to me that I can be terse with my conversation even though the comments were never meant to be offensive. However, the recipient of the words took offense.

Even though people, places, and things can be an irritant at the drop of a hat, our way of responding needs to be Christ-like. Christ did not respond tersely. Yes . . . Christ spoke up but in a loving way. As a follower of Christ, we must learn to do the same and hold our tongue in check. Take it to the Lord in prayer. So simple yet so neglected.

Father God . . . Every so often I speak tersely. Help me to be tempered with the tongue so that I may always edify you. I pray this in your precious savior’s name, Jesus. Amen

Nan Cords

September 27, 2021

The joy of the Lord comes to us in splashing waves and playful animals! (Psalm 29:3, 6)

Not a cloud in the sky . . . just brilliant blue. A strong wind that I am thinking kept the smoke cleared out of our area. And my pup who sat at the fence with her neighbor pup friend on the other side, leaning into each other. They too were enjoying the air, the wind stirring things around them. With their eyes closed, their noses pointed upward catching all the scents. Every once in a while, I could see them sigh.

And I too found myself sighing occasionally as I watched the butterflies and wasps dancing around the fall veggies. How simple life can be sometimes. Just enjoying the blue sky and butterflies and not worrying. And I sat there and thanked God. Thanked him for His beauty.

I read the other day “Nature reveals to us God’s beauty, glory, power, wisdom, presence, creativity, and, most of all, his loving care. This is why we’re drawn to spend time in the beauty of nature and to enjoy animals. To take a walk on a beautiful day, play with your dog in the grass, or hold your cat are reliable ways for many people to connect with God’s loving presence.”

May we all find ways to connect with God’s loving presence. Amen