Prayer request or prayers for the people

prayer ministry

We are honored to bring your prayer requests before God and our community, and offer a variety of ways to connect with others in prayer. Please see below and contact Deacon Cherri Jestmore to learn more.

Writing the Prayers of the People: learn how to write the prayers, using resources available to you.

Offering the Prayers during Worship: As part of the worship liturgy, these prayers are read from the back by the font, as an offering from the congregation.

Personal Prayers at Communion: Trained prayer teams are available on Sunday mornings during communion. Those worshiping are welcome to request confidential prayer by going to the team in the back of the sanctuary. Training to be a pray-er for others is available by contacting Deacon Cherri.

Prayer Request Cards (in Sanctuary attendance registers): You may share your prayer requests on the blue cards in the blue attendance registers; they will be received in the church office and included in our prayers.

Prayer Vine/Prayer Sheet : Atonement’s Prayer Vine sends emails out as requested for those who request prayers for themselves, family members, or friends. The Prayer Sheet is included weekly in the worship bulletin, and lists those members, family, and friends that are in need of prayer. Sign up with Deacon Cherri to receive prayer requests by email; contact Deacon Cherri or Ros in the church office to make a request for prayer. 

Lifeline Devotions: Devotions are written by members of Atonement, and are available here. Training is available to learn to write devotions; authors are asked to submit once or twice a month. Contact Deacon Cherri to learn more.

Prayer Net Cross: You are encouraged to lift your prayers to God while taking a piece of yarn from the foot of the cross and tying it on the net. Parents may assist their children with the yarn while they say a prayer. The prayer net cross is located in the Lobby (Narthex) at special times of the year.

Also offered periodically during the year:
Prayer Vigils
Spiritual Retreats
Prayer Walks

Contact Deacon Cherri regarding any of the above.