Chilldren, Youth, & family reflect our desire to have our children, youth and families connect to Christ.

children, youth & family

Our desire is that our children, youth and their families are connected to Christ.  God created families and He created the church. Together we can influence the next generation to be passionate followers of Jesus. We want our kids and parents to know God, not just know about Him. Our ministries are designed to share worship together through our words, song and service, learn about God’s incredible love for us, and work together to serve others. We nurture each other’s faith through milestones (i.e., baptism and First Communion, Affirmation of Baptism) and help prepare our parents and kids for life outside our walls. Join us in our journey at Atonement Lutheran Church.

Children from birth  – 6th Grade

We hope to build a strong foundation of faith where each child learns about God through His stories and through each other. We show them how God’s word fits into their lives and what it means to be a disciple. We pray, play, sing, act, get crazy and have a ton of fun.

7th-12th Grade

As part of Youth Spiritual Life, kids  7th-12th grades, join in learning to form and live out their faith in community and through serving in our community. We get together on Sunday mornings, fun nights and lock-ins and have a blast. 

Family Ministry

We want to walk alongside parents in the promises made in baptism!  Parents promise to: bring their kids to worship . . . teach them the Lord’s Prayer, the Creed, & the Ten Commandments . . . place God’s Word in their hands . . . provide instruction in the Christian faith . . . and we are here to help.

Partner With Us.

We want to partner with parents to help our children and youth have a growing relationship with Jesus! When you combine the light of the church and the love of family, an amazing partnership is created to influence their faith, and show them just how much they are loved by us and God! Because our ministries are highly relational, we are always looking for adults to partner with us and share God’s amazing stories!  

If you love God and would like to help them grow in faith, you’ve come to the right place! There is something for everyone, working directly with kids or helping behind the scenes. Check out our opportunities to serve in our children’s ministry here. To learn more, contact Boo McCready, Director of Children’s Spiritual Life or the church office.