Our Library has hundreds of faith based books for your education and pleasure


The Atonement Library has been a part of our church ministry since 1966, and has grown to over 2,700 resources for children, teens, and adults – including  books, Bible study material, CD’s and DVD’s. 

The adult section includes Bibles, Biblical References and Commentaries, Luther’s Works, books on Biblical figures, numerous non-fiction books by well-known religious authors, and issues of the Living Lutheran and Gather Magazines. Also included in the library are books on prayer, aging, care-giving, death and grief, devotions, parenting and family, and a religious fiction section.

The library welcomes donations of books from members on any of these or related subjects; they may be left on the desk in the library to be reviewed by the library staff before being placed on the shelves. If there are titles you would like to see added to the library, email your suggestions to Pat Bjuland.  Your suggestions are welcome.
The Library, just north of the Gathering Place, is always open for your convenience, so please feel free to stop by and spend a few quiet moments reading, or just browsing through the selections. Instructions for checkout/return of material are posted on the library wall.