worship ministry opportunities

There are a wide variety of opportunities for youth and adults to participate in our worship services. Please review the roles below; you may click this link for the Worship ministry descriptions to learn more, or email the contact person. You may also contact Rick Deasley.

From September-May, our youth in grades 4-6 are encouraged to serve as acolytes during worship: lighting the altar candles, receiving the offering, and assisting with communion.
Contact: Shana Stelzer

Altar Guild
The Altar Guild prepares the worship space for services, including communion preparation, changing altar paraments and decorating for special events such as Thanksgiving. They meet on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m., but can be found faithfully serving at every service. 
Contact: Jade Scarlett

Sound & Video Engineers

Sound & Video Engineers are vital to the worship life of the congregation. At Atonement there is a team of S&V Engineers that set up, run and record sound and video equipment for live services and events.  S&V Engineers are scheduled on a rotating basis for services and events.
Contact: Kevin Voelker

From September-May, our 7th-8th graders are encouraged to serve as crucifers during worship: carrying in the cross, receiving the offering, and assisting with communion.
Contact: Shana Stelzer

Dramatic Arts

Dramas, dramatic monologues and skits allow us to present the Gospel in a different way, particularly during Advent and Lent midweek services. Insights can often be gained by viewing familiar scriptures through the prism of dramatic presentation. Contact: Rick Deasley

Do you have a heart for helping people feel welcomed? Do you remember what it’s like to enter a new place without knowing anyone? Are you willing to offer a warm smile and a listening ear? Then you are exactly the right person to greet our members and guests, and share the love of Christ with them here at Atonement. 
Contact: Kaye Dalbec

Liturgical Dance
Dancing is another form of worship just like singing or playing an instrument. Through the use of rhythmical movements accompanied by sacred music, liturgical dancers add another level to the worship experience. Email Rick Deasley for details; open to children through adults.

Personal Prayers at Communion
Trained prayer teams are available on Sunday mornings during communion. Those worshiping are welcome to request confidential prayer by going back to the team. Training to be a pray-er for others is available.
Contact: Deacon Cherri Jestmore

Pray the Prayers of the People
The Prayers of the People are read at each of the three weekend worship services from the baptismal font, in the back of the Sanctuary.
Contact: Pat Bjuland

Read Lessons During Worship 
Our readers provide a valuable service to the gathered community in sharing the lessons for the day. This ministry provides you with the opportunity to increase your knowledge of the Scriptures, and to proclaim the Word of God to the congregation. Sign up here to read for a worship service.
Contact: Kaye Dalbec

Serve Communion During Worship
Our communion servers are an integral part of our worship service, assisting with the distribution of bread and wine at Holy Communion during our worship services. Sign up here for a service. Contact: Kaye Dalbec

From bulletins to seating, our Usher Teams are the smiling faces that greet people who enter our worship space. Our Usher ministry would appreciate more helping hands to welcome members and visitors alike when they arrive at Atonement.
Contact: Ray Peterson

Visual Arts
Visual arts allow us to present the Gospel in a new way, and insights can often be gained by viewing familiar scriptures through a visual presentation.
Contacts: Steve Hess or Kari Walberg

Worship Assistants
Our Worship Assistants assist the pastor in conducting the worship service, which can include but is not limited to: making announcements, reading prayers during the service, and assisting with the Sacraments of Holy Communion and Baptism.
Contact: Deacon Cherri Jestmore

Worship Coordinators
The worship coordinator helps prepare the sanctuary for worship and checks in the volunteer worship leaders: i.e. worship assistants, readers for scripture/prayers, and informing communion assistants of their serving station.
Contact: Pat Bjuland