Youth Ministry

Confirmation Group Leader. Our Confirmation Small Group leaders are adults who want to invest in the lives of our confirmation students and walk with them in their faith as they go through our confirmation program and must be able to go through a background check. Small group leaders need to feel comfortable leading and facilitating conversations and activities with our young people as well as be willing to share pieces of their own faith journey with our young people. Relational ministry is one of the crucial pieces of ministry and having adults who are willing to show up in our young people’s lives are vital to the development of their spiritual life. Small group leaders need to be able to come at least 3 times a month during confirmation and have a time commitment of about 1 1/2 hours a week. Confirmation leaders can also help out with our confirmation trips to Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp in Hillside CO and our Confirmation Retreat at Camp Tomah Shinga.

High School Adult Leaders. Our high school adult leaders help teach our Sunday morning discussions with high school students, as well as help run and facilitate our hang nights on Sunday evenings. Adult leaders must go through a background check and must be willing to show up in the lives of our young people. This means at a minimum showing up for 3 weeks a month to whatever event they serve at, either Sunday morning or hang nights. Adult leaders are also encouraged to invest in the lives of our young people outside of church; this might mean getting coffee with a young person every once in a while or supporting them at their high school activities. Relational ministry is a crucial aspect of youth ministry and we want adult leaders who are willing to invest relationally with our young people. Adult leaders must also be comfortable facilitating discussions and activities with our high school students, as well as teaching lessons every once in a while. The time commitment for being a high school adult leader is anywhere from 1 1/2-3 hours a week depending on what our leaders would be to be involved with.

Mission Trip Adult Leaders. We partner with other churches as the Collective and go on summer high school mission trips together. We need adult leaders who lead small groups on our mission trip. This involves going on our mission trip and being with another adult leader with a crew of about 10 young people. Throughout the week you will guide them in the service work they do as well as lead devotional discussions with our young people. This is one of the best ways to invest in our young people as you will be with them for an entire week and will be able to really get to know them. These leaders are expected to come to an adult leader training meeting and permission trip meetings as well.