The Holy Spirit has given each of us unique gifts to carry out God’s work in the world and for the world.  It is not always easy, however, to discover our gifts, or to develop and use them effectively.  

Where do you fit into Christ’s plan for the world?  The answer lies in the unique gifts God has given you.  Exploring your spiritual gifts will help you uncover God’s call for your life and ministry. Christians who discover their spiritual gifts have a clearer, more focused understanding of God’s will for their lives, which results in a more mature faith.

Dealing with spiritual gifts begins to answer the questions of “Whom am I to God?” . . . “How does God work in my life?” . . . “How is God calling me to use my gifts?”  This is an opportunity to discover your spiritual gifts, so you may develop these gifts and use them in service to the world.

Our goal is to work together to open your special gifts, and allow you to fully appreciate and use them in your ministry at Atonement, and in the world!

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