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Summer Camp At Tomah Shinga!

I’d love to see our 1st – 5th grade kids go to camp and going together would be even better! Wanna see what it’s like? Watch this video with your kids!
Here’s a doc where you can enter your child’s name and indicate which weeks your child(ren) is/are available to go to camp. I hope this will help you make plans with other Atonement families. Your kids can bring friends from school or the neighborhood or cousins – whoever! It’s truly the best experience your kids will have all summer and I’d bet the most impactful one!
Here’s the full camp schedule…note the cost increased April 1st. We’ve been blessed by a gift from someone in our church family and are able to help each family some of the cost, $100-full week, $50-partial week.
When you’re ready to register click here. and let Boo know that you’re registered and for which week. Questions? Contact Boo!